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KAL Trailers & Leasing

Invoxico proudly partnered with KAL Trailers & Leasing, a leading provider of both used and new trucks and trailers. With a vast inventory featuring top brands like Vanguard, Freightliner, Volvo, Western Star, Peterbilt, and more, it offers a diverse range of options to meet various transportation needs. Our responsive web design and development expertise ensured a seamless online platform for KAL, enabling customers to easily explore and select from their extensive collection of dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds.

Fashion Hunt

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Fashion Hunt, an innovative Irish marketplace for fashion enthusiasts, wardrobe updates, and unique handmade goods. Our team created a secure and user-friendly digital platform that empowers individuals to effortlessly buy and sell clothing, accessories, and other products. By crafting an engaging online experience, we enhanced transactions & elevated the overall user journey for Fashion Hunt's vibrant community of fashion lovers.

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We are delighted to have partnered with Flashfood, a dynamic platform that revolutionizes the way consumers connect with surplus food from local grocery stores. Our responsive web design team crafted a secure and intuitive digital platform that empowers users to browse and purchase discounted food items, reducing food waste while providing substantial savings.

Water Ford Whisky

We had the privilege of partnering with Water Ford Whisky, a distinguished distillery driven by an unwavering commitment to barley—the essence of malt whisky's intricate flavor. Our web design and development team crafted a captivating online platform that showcases Waterfordwhisky's exceptional range of products. Through an immersive and user-friendly interface, whisky enthusiasts can explore the rich flavors and heritage behind Waterfordwhisky.

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We are proud to have partnered with JTFbus, a tech-driven online retailer based in Springfield, VA, neighboring the nation's capital. Our web design and development team had the privilege of crafting an immersive online platform that highlights JTF's exceptional selection of office technology products. Through an intuitive & user-friendly interface, businesses across various industries can easily discover the best solutions to enhance their operations.


It was an honor to collaborate with Trueats, a visionary brand dedicated to creating simple, nutritious, and flavorful foods that nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Our responsive web design & development team had the privilege of crafting a captivating online platform that showcases Trueats' exceptional culinary offerings.

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Hoppar.com is a marketplace that connects travellers and bus operators by creating Wander Pass. We introduce a unique concept of Wander Pass which is the combination of multiple bus tickets combined into one pass. So you can keep discovering highways & byways all across the world without spending much.


Created by Vancouver copywriter Nita Naidoo, Jooska is a catalyst for small and medium teams ready to move forward. With over ten years experience in the creative field, Nita has become the voice of many sustainability-oriented brands. Her clients include UBC, Nature’s Path, Sömn Home, StormSensor, Allive, and most recently, Luna Nectar.

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Simply Smile Studio

To offer the very best LED Laser Teeth Whitening in Burnaby, we’ve brought together state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained hygienists for a refined boutique experience that delivers professional results at affordable prices.

T-shirt Printing Company

As a tight-knit team of t-shirt printers in Vancouver, we’re committed to crafting quality t-shirts that highlight your important messages and designs. After almost 15 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at the screen-printing process, and deliver a level of care and attention that makes printing easy and fun!

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Pebbles & Piaget

Our programs are designed to help children grow, physically and cognitively. That’s why we’ve created an environment that builds dynamic hands-on discovery. With well-rounded programs that include fresh, hot meals and plenty of extracurricular exploration, Pebbles & Piaget Junior Kindergarten in Vancouver offers a nurturing, supportive environment and is recognized as a true leader in early childhood education.


Here at Visitors Guru, we pride ourselves on helping US and non-US residents shop for visitors insurance products that will help protect them when they travel far away from home. Over the course of several years, we have helped many travelers find satisfactory and affordable trip protection. You can shop for international travel medical insurance here on this website or on the phone.

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Hornbill Insurance

Founded in 2021, Hornbill Insurance Agency is a team of experts focused on providing best suited Life Insurance, Investment & Travel insurance products. Serving the interests of our clients. Personalized support and relationships matter to us. Because we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services .


Stay up to date on the latest board member and executive insights, trends and reports.

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A concept well understood by TEO BOK, who was raised in the center of a cultural and linguistic feast. As a multilingual child, born in Italy and raised by World, with the gift of traveling the globe throughout his young music career, TEO is the epitome of a “global citizen” and quickly understood that as diverse as we all may be, we are all connected by the same pillars; a love for music, family, and laughter. The very things that have fueled and supported him throughout his life.

World Musician Obituaries

USA Musician Obituaries (USAMO) & World Musician Obituaries (WMO) are interactive educational sites dedicated to informing the globe about the history of music by highlighting the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and contributions of deceased musicians. The purpose of USAMO & WMO is to educate the public about the multitude of singers, musicians, and others involved in the music industry via written information, audio recordings, and videos. These efforts ensure that their contributions will never be forgotten by succeeding generations of musical artists of all genres..

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Go2Andaman first began as a simple travel blog about the Andamans in 2008. It was born out of our love for the Andamans. We branched out into a startup in 2014, and have enjoyed every step of our journey since. Over the years, we have helped thousands of travellers create wonderful memories of the Andamans. We believe in bringing the best of independent travel to the islands. For us, there’s nothing more delightful than helping people travel on their own terms, while providing them with every assistance they may need .

Tiny you Baby Store

“From overseas to your door, Tiny You Baby Store is a whimsical collection that meets the standards we uphold for our own families.”From around the world, we’ve filled our baby store with beautiful merchandise that’s thoughtfully designed. Many of the products in our store are appearing in Canada for the first time. The brands we choose to partner with come from responsible manufacturers who meet moderns guidelines in terms of sustainability and environmental practices. We’re proud to present this collection that we’ve curated with happy, healthy Canadian families in mind.

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The company is led by celebrity stylist and entrepreneur Maria Capelli she is very familiar with the daily struggles we all experience with our hair. She always thought to herself: There has to be a better way of fighting stubborn curly hair and not damaging hair in the process! Daily hair-styling must be easy like any morning routine, agree?.

Africa Travel Resource

Our aim is, quite simply, to help you discover and create a perfect trip. Whether you intend to head to Africa, the Indian Subcontinent or South America, w​​e will help you to get beyond the mainstream tourist trails, to experience real safari.You can choose to make your trip more authentic, more adventurous, more luxurious, better value ... whatever you want it to be.

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Zion Clouds.

Zion cloud solutions transform the way people work with breakthrough technologies that help businesses innovate and grow. Our focus has always been to envision what the future will look like and helping our clients prepare for success.Today, it means empowering digital workplaces with our portfolio of services, solutions and technologies - helping you achieve sustained growth by removing obstacles, optimizing the flow of information and automating processes to increase productivity.

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