Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Contract: Invoxico shall approve for the work and quote through an email and shall maintain a record of the same. We offer a six Months Free Technical Support for the services we offer. This will include bugs occurred in work by us.

2. Browser compatibility: The products delivered by us shall be compatible with the latest version of Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

3. We do not include Search Engine Optimization in the website development. You will be charged additionally for SEO if you ask for it.

4. Site maintenance: Maintenance and any additional update on the website will also be charged additionally.

5. Any third party services included by Invoxico like SSL, domain, hosting, backup service, 3rd party plugins, etc. will cost extra.

6. Mode of Payment: We accept all payments through PayPal and wire transfer unless agreed upon otherwise.

7. Other Conditions:

a) Only the deliverables that are listed in the quote will be considered during the project development. If any new features, modules, changes in the work previously agreed upon or any other element which is out of scope is requested by the client, it will attract a fresh ETA and a quote for the same will be submitted separately.

b) The client will provide all the content, images, texts, videos, third-party integration, services, API, Plug-in etc. required for the project. If any of the aforementioned elements attracts any expenses, the same will be borne by the client.

c) It will be the responsibility of the client to write and post the content.

d) We shall not be held accountable for any delay in the project submission which may occur due to unavailability or delay of necessary content to be provided by the client.

e) Invoxico will provide design required for the project and client can request 2 revisions free of cost. Any revisions requested thereafter shall be billable.

f) We do not take the responsibility for any delay that may be caused by the malfunctioning of any third party software integrated with the website.

g) The client will buy and provide the Domain Registration & Hosting Server for the installation of the final product.

h) The client will responsible for making sure that the hosting server provided is compliant with the requirements for hosting server provided by us.