Trends to Watch in Mobile Application Development

Smartphones have revolutionized our world. We are increasingly becoming dependent on mobile applications for our chores. Over 179 billion mobile applications are being downloaded every year. Mobile application development sector is growing rapidly. At present, it is dominated by social media apps, gaming apps, and Google apps. All the major giants are increasingly investing in app development for branding and improving customer engagement.

Here are a few popular trends in mobile app development.
1. M-Commerce
More and more customers are likely to adopt m-commerce. The apps like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are replacing the use of debits and credit cards for making payments.

2. Motion and Location Sensing
The smartphones are now supporting the motion and location sensing. Motion sensing is helpful in security, anti-theft, games, and power-saving while location sensing is helpful in games, navigation, fitness apps, and geotagging.

3. Mobile-connected smart objects
Increasingly the objects are being controlled through smartphones. These include toys, LED bulbs, domestic appliances, medical devices, sports equipment, and power sockets.

4. Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)
EMM is streamlining businesses through a set of people, processes, and technology that use mobile computing. It is mainly applicable in application management, security, and financial management.

5. Wearable Devices
Devices like Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens are now gaining popularity. They depict the upcoming change in computing and also, the transition to smart wearables. This provides new opportunities for app developers.

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