What should a Good Website look like?

A website is a vital marketing tool and its usability is critical to the success of any business. A good website can increase your revenue and sales. A successful website is the one that not only looks good but also provides a brilliant user experience. Its usability is critical and it is something that will set it apart from other websites. Here are a few characteristics of a good website:

1. Mobile Compatibility
Mobile compatibility is must in the age of smartphones. People these days access the internet more frequently form their smartphones than a computer. Therefore, it is important that your website opens successfully on their smartphone.

2. Good Content
Good content can do wonders. An appealing content is the soul of a website. Your content should speak to the visitors. Further, it should be well formatted and error-free.

3. Browser Compatibility
The website should be compatible with all of the browsers as you are not sure what browser does your visitor is using to access your website. Browser compatibility is a must for seamless user experience.

4. Easy Navigation
A person should be able to easily navigate between the tabs. They shouldn’t have to keep wondering where to look for certain information. Navigation should hassle-free.

5. Error Handling
The website should be able to handle errors effectively by displaying a right message whenever an error occurs.

6. Fast Load Times
A website should be such that it takes minimum possible time to load. A responsive website makes user experience really pleasant and visitor tends to keep coming back.

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