Trends in Technology to watch this Year

Technology is bringing revolution to all aspects of our life. We are increasingly becoming dependent on technology for almost everything. We have self-driving cards, virtual doctors, deliveries being carried out by drones, and bots.

Here are a few technological trends to watch this year:

1. Big Data
A lot of data is being generated every moment. We are leaving digital footprints all over the internet. This rapid growth in data is called big data. The big data will bring many opportunities which were otherwise available to giant firms.

2. Smart Objects
The age of smart things is upon us. Smartphones have become really common and now smart things like LED bulbs, toys, cars, home appliances, etc. are increasingly becoming popular. These objects are controlled through smartphones mostly. Put in simple words, machines are communicating with each other using lesser human input and this is called ‘Internet of Things’.

3. Artificial Intelligence
Next is artificial intelligence. This field revolves around cognitive computing where machines are capable of thinking like humans.

4. Voice Control
Predictions are that by 2020 more than half of the online searches will be vice controlled. Our devices are increasingly becoming voice controlled. Voice assistants are being used to manage day-to-day schedules.

5. Blockchain
The blockchain is defined as a digital file which has blocks of information that are chained and stored securely using private key cryptography. Only people with appropriate permission will be able to edit it. The blockchain is said to have a huge potential to change our economic system. It is the technology behind virtual currency called bitcoin.

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